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Race & Housing on Trial - Exhibit Overview

The “We Dont Want Them” exhibit is part of the Race2Equity Community Engagement Campaign.  The exhibit has toured throughout Metro Detroit since 2010 and has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people.  The exhibit has been in communities at libraries, schools, colleges, places of worship and business organizations.


The “We Dont Want Them” exhibit serves as a tool to begin looking deeper into the issues of racial equity in Metro Detroit. The exhibit supports our value of looking into our history to understand our current story and plan for our future.  As a mobile exhibit it can be seen by almost anyone—anywhere.

Thank you to the Jewish Fund for funding the expansion of the exhibit to include the Jewish communities story of racial segregation from 1900-1968 as well as allowing us to explore more deeply the history of the "Pointe-System" in the Grosse Pointes. Please stay tuned for updated programming and launching of the new exhibit pieces.

"Special thanks to the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, National Endowment of the Arts, and Michigan Humanities Council for supporting this year's Detroit Youth Voice Art Projects.  We look forward to working with students as they fuse art and history to tell their personal stories."

The Housing Exhibit was an eye-opener for staff, students and community who visited it.  Many came away saying, "I didn't know why...". Older ones in the crowd had an opportunity to reminisce, some with a mixture of sadness and joy as they looked at Black Bottom photos, and others with only sadness as they reflected on their white families leaving Detroit when realtors convinced them they ought to get out before they couldn't sell their home.  This exhibit started the discussion about race that has long been needed at UD-Mercy and it community.  ~ Billie, community resident.

The exhibit afforded us the opportunity to talk about race openly.  It is the first time since I have been at the University, for all of twelve years, that the conversation was broached so openly.  I received nothing but positive feedback about the exhibit and dismay that it was only going to be avaiable for a week.  Ithas sparked a fire under some faculty and administrators here to continue the conversation.  We are now looking at ways to introduce our students to the subject of race and its impact on the culture.  There has even been conversation that a course should be developed and required for degree completion - grounded in the subjec of race.  These are currently just "ideas."  However, anything that has any value has its begins with an idea.  ~ Donnie, Professor | UD Mercy

If you are interested in having the exhibit at your school, business or community please contact Desiree Squire at 313-870-1500 x104.

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