Serving as a catalyst for change, we develop, organize and empower individuals and communities to advance equity and opportunity for all.

Fresh Food Assets


A.  Food Town Super Market     7811 Gratiot Ave.

B.  Harbortown Supermarket    3472 E. Jefferson

C.  Lafayette Foods                   1565 E. Lafayette

D.  Eastern Market  Russell btwn Mack & Gratiot

      Sat. 6-4 (all year)

      Tues. 9-3, June 17-Nov. 25

E. Earthworks Urban Farm        1264 Meldrum

     Meldrum Fresh Market

          Thurs. 11-2, May 22– Oct. 30

F. GenesisHope

     Islandview Farmers Market   7200 Mack

          Wed. 4pm -7, June 25 - Oct.15

Community Assets of RECI


I. On The Rise Bakery       8900 Gratiot (313) 579-2100

II. Korash Florist               7200 Gratiot Ave.  (800) 547-7318

III. Swanson Funeral         806 East Grand Blvd.  (313) 923-1122

IV. They Say Restaurant   267 Joseph Campau  (313) 446-4682

V. Gardella Furniture         2306 E. Gratiot Ave.  (313) 567-7470

VI. True Value Hardware   6844 Gratiot Ave.  (313) 921-7896

960 E. Jefferson Avenue


231 E. Grand Blvd.


000 Robert Bradby Drive


7200 Mack Avenue


3544 Iroquois St.


2411 Iroquois Avenue


1457 Griswold


3975 Concord Avenue


2965 Meldrum St.


1000 Eliot St.


491 Baldwin St.


2260 Hunt St.


4891 Maxwell St.


Congregations/Liaisons of RECI


1. Christ Episcopal Church Detroit

    Wendy Ford

2. Church of the Messiah

    Craig Peterson

3. Calvary Baptist Church of Detroit

    Robin Steele

4. Genesis Lutheran Church

    Jackie Dunn Bell, John Shelly

5. Greater Christ Baptist Church

    Carol Sinclair

6. Iroquois Christ Lutheran Church

    Jeanette Marble, Carmen Rembert

7. Isaac Agree Downtown Synagogue

    Sarah Goodman

8. New Calvary Baptist Church

    Isabella Howard, Dennis Owens

9. New Liberty Baptist Church

    Kathy Foster

10. Sacred Heart Catholic Church

    Carol Jordan

11. St. Charles Borromeo Catholic

    Gerwayne Taylor

12. St. Paul AME, Downtown

    Glorious Aaron-Fambreau, Gail Parks Alexander

13. Second Timothy Missionary Baptist

    Darla Siller

RECI Community Asset Map

You can help build a stronger local economy and more vibrant neighborhoods around our Congregations!

A study of retail economics in 2004 found that $100 spent at a neighborhood independent business generates $68 in local economic activity while the same $100 spent at a national chain store generates only $43 in local economic activity. This means that every $1 spent at a neighborhood independent business goes 58% farther in improving the local economy.

Between our RECI Congregations and Congregants we can bring dollars back into our local economy, create more jobs, and ensure a safer community. The Certified Business Community Assets listed on the Map were surveyed and awarded for their commitment to values shared by RECI. They deserve our patronage.

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