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Our Past Work With LGBT & Faith

Over the past few months the Faith & LGBT Equality Project has continued to be engaged in our community in a number of ongoing and new activities.


First of all we have continued working with Congregations to welcome LGBT folks and their families fully into congregational life. Additionally we have garnered support from over 115 area Clergy to amend the Michigan Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include protections for sexual orientation and gender identity. This support has come in the formal endorsement of the Unity Michigan Coalition Clergy Letter. Our work with the Unity Michigan Coalition has helped move the number of local ordinances with LGBT protections to a total of 36 now covering over 2.2 million Michigan citizens.


With support from the Philadelphia based Carpenter Foundation and First Presbyterian Church Birmingham we recently announced the launch of the “Forever Faithful Project” – this program will be conducted in collaboration with Detroit based KICK Community Center and Church Denominational partners – the 1st denomination to sign on is the Michigan Conference of the United Church of Christ. This project will identify traditional black area congregations who have an interest in working to become more welcoming and accepting of LGBT people—especially people of color. This work to begin in early 2015 will begin by providing Congregations “welcome training” that is specific to the black community. Our goal is to help walk these congregations forward with all inclusive welcome “statements” while providing ongoing resources as we help these Churches promote their welcome to seekers looking for a Church home. For information or to get your congregation on board contact Kevin Hogan via email at or phone 248-709-3703.


As part of our ongoing welcoming initiaitves, The Faith & LGBT Equality Project now has the following DVDs available on a no charge loaner basis to help expand the conversation within your Congregation, organization or group.  Here are the current available DVDs and links to obtain additional information about these documentaries.

Messages of faith leaders and religious dogma continue to lay at the heart of the struggle for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equality.  It is often messages of LGBT intolerance in some scriptures and religious traditions that are used by opponents to LGBT rights and reinforced in today’s society causing some LGBT youth to be bullied or consider suicide.


Michigan’s communities are moving slowly toward greater LGBT rights, as evidenced by the growing number of cities with human rights ordinances, and a recent poll that showed that the majority of Michiganders would support same sex marriage.  Many congregations are following this trend, but they have fears that need to be addressed, and support outside of the congregation.

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