Serving as a catalyst for change, we develop, organize and empower individuals and communities to advance equity and opportunity for all.


Why Support Our Work?

For the past 75 years we have been working with both leaders and members of the faith community, corporations, law enforcement, education and government along with members of our richly diverse communities to make sure all people are welcome and treated fairly.  We accomplish this work through education, organizing and leadership development. Your donations, together with support received from grants, corporate support, events and fee for service help us continue to address the consequences of being one of the most racially segregated places in the country, while also being home to a very religiously, racially and ethnically diverse community of people.

Don't just take our word for it about the work we do.  Here is what others have to say:

A great organization -

Craig Covey, Oakland County Commissioner

An eloquent voice for justice and peace. - James Toy

To its great credit, the Roundtable has adjusted to the rapid social changes and difficult challenges of the region by developing effective programs geared not only to combating all types of discrimination but to building and sustaining a diverse and inclusive community.  It has been both a leader and cheerleader in this noble effort for over six decades. - Dr. Joe Darden

How To Support Our Work?

Become a Member

One of the finer golfing events in the region, Holy Strokes not only raises funds for the Michigan Roundtable's mission, it's another way to bring people together in recreation and purpose.

Attend our Annual Champions of Inclusion Information Breakfast.  Contact Steve Spreitzer for more information.

Support the Edward G. Levy Fund

Named after a prominent business leader in Detroit, the Levy Endowment will ensure that the important work of building stronger communities through education, advocacy, and conflict resolution will continue well into the future. Michigan needs a strong social fabric of diverse communities, schools, and workplaces, and through the generosity of The Edward C. Levy Fund, our mission will be ensured.


For more information about the Levy Fund or to make  an endowment gift, contact Steve Spreitzer.


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