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Cultural Competency and Organizational Development at Work

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan:

  • For every Friday in November (4), CCOD was busy delivering session from our “Deconstructing Our Differences” series.  These modules are 2 – 2½ hour sessions which are designed to launch discussion on topics that will, hopefully, gain entry into organizations looking to make transformation change over the long term.  These sessions encourage in-depth discussion and a look at the systemic changes that organizations interested in promoting cultures of diversity and inclusion can avail themselves of.  On October 27, November 7, 14, and 21 two sessions each day were conducted in the areas of utilization of “Generational Strengths” and the “Misunderstandings and Truth about Race and Ethnicity: Parts 1 and 2”.  The sessions averaged 40 people each and the discussions were rich and colorful.


Detroit Zoo Sessions:

  • On both November 12 and 13 an afternoon “Cultural Awareness and Competence” session was conducted for an audience of 100+ participants as part of the Detroit Zoo’s annual Organizational Renewal Day.  The 2½ hour sessions began each day with a 30 minute presentation to the general audience – setting the stage with some fundamental cultural awareness terms and information.  Along with two other facilitators, we broke the large group into two groups and retired to individual breakout rooms where we facilitated a session to meet to Zoo’s objective:  To raise appreciation and value of others through raising knowledge of cultural differences and raising sensitivity in order to ensure the zoo’s visitors, members and employees will continue to feel valued and appreciated.  Not only was the session fun, but based on initial feedback from participants and an offer to provide additional service after the holidays, it was productive!

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